Merry Christmas

This'll be the last post for a while as I've gotta stinky cold, but will post after Christmas no doubt!
Hope everyone has a lovely and peaceful holiday :o)


pink prancing pony!

Three new pics up on the flickr page. Here's one of them!



Paper chains and snowflakes! The beginning of our team household effort last night :o)


Christmas is getting closer!

Got the tree on Saturday! And I'm very pleased with it seeing as the baubles only cost £5 and I whipped up an angel in the form of a bunny I made ages ago :o)
Tonight, my housemates and I are having a Christmas craft evening around the tree, so I'll put up further pics tomorrow of our efforts.


Beautiful Brighton dress

I spent this Sunday in Brighton catching up with my boyfriends brothers and one of their girlfriends and an old chum! Wonderful fun! We also had the most delicious Sunday Roast at the Yeoman, which is very close to the station.
Any how, Brighton is currently holding an Open House thing (which I'll put the link up to when I find the leaflet!) where artists/crafts folk exhibit in their homes. We went along to Poppys, and her housemate runs a boutique, http://www.yamama.co.uk/ and they had a rail of gorgeous dresses in the living room.
Naturally I was drawn to this as soon as I walked in, and after a glass of red wine I thought I'll just try that dress on, and what would you know it fitted like a glove, plus it was half price off and a size 10 to boot. (even better!) I came home very smug with myself!


gorgeous orchid

A wonderful present from my housemate :o) Isn't it beautiful?
And I have brought Charley Harpers 'ABC' for my boyfriends 16 month old nephew for Christmas. Thought I'd get him whilst he's young into wonderful illustrations!


Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes!

I have been lusting after a pair of these for what seems forever. My very own cinderella slippers! Today I was sent on a research trip for a meeting with a client tomorrow, I knew I would end up in the shoe department of Topshop in Oxford Street... Aren't they just lovely!?