Colour Collective- Lincoln Green

Here's a coloured warm up doodle from this morning for @Clr_Collective #lincolngreen of teenage me! My fave t.shirt in the 90s was this colour :)



I don't care anymore. I know seasonal summer never happens... BUT I AM SO READY FOR AUTUMN NOW. 


Plum Pudding Meet Up!

Looking forward to the Plum Pudding lllustration meet up today and seeing my fellow plums!  Guess we'll make a punnet of plums!?



Daine- The Immortals

Heres some rough sketches of Daine from Wild Magic I'm re reading The Immortals series by Tamora Pierce. I think Tamora is possibly one of my all time fave authors!



I bet Gareth Southgate is quietly confident about this evening. (I'll continue to be a bag of anxiety about it though!) Come on England!



Thought I'd have a go at @monolimeart's #drawthisinyourstyle over on Instagram, so here's a warm up sketch I've shaded of Fyrelle! 


A quick little doodle from my sketchbook this morning, coloured in for #julion