Just got my own back on Fluffy Mc.Dirtface who lives round the corner who bit me the other week and is Samsons nemeses!


New greeting cards for sale!

New batch of greeting cards which you can find on sale at The Rule of Tum Burger Shop in Hereford!


A little character I'm working up for The Courtyard Theatre :) Keep an eye out for him later in the year!


Some fun at the part time job!

Finally got to have a moment on stage with The Big Red Bath! Got to briefly meet the lovely Julia Jarman too :)

And some shop enhancement with some Chloe made bananas.



Have been watching a lot of Justice League recently. Had to get Bats down. #myhero

Hay Festival!

Nice surprise to see The Flying Bedroom in the Hay bookshop!

Listened to Dan Snow and Peter Snow talk about the Battle of Waterloo

And this fantastic talk with Ed Vere, Rebecca Cobb, Sophie Henn and Rob Biddulph. Love insights to other illustrators work practice...