Long overdue post!

I feel like I've not blogged for ages! I've been busy working on some Sophie Steller projects, which has kept me from illustrating properly, getting into a flow, but here's a few bits and pieces of what's been happening!

My prized Geraniums flourishing in the hot sunny weather

Pooey, not so much.

Wedding no.2 of 4.5 this is the view from Ocle Pychard, Herefordshire

And the beautiful couple Phil and Gemma :)

Had time for kitch tea at the Antique Tea Rooms in Hereford!

Back to London and apparent apocalypse 

But survived and have discovered free tennis courts near us and this bengal cat came to play with us! 

he properly kept running for the ball like a dog!

And now back to the drawing board for story ideas!! :D



So last weekend Pooey's cousin came to stay with us as he'd outgrown living with his Mam and Auntie! He's out all day and comes inside in the evening and likes a belly rub and a scratch about the ears, and though he's chatty it's a lot less than Pooey luckily!
 They're getting on ok, just having some personal space issues!


A quick Dad doodle!

I've been a bit quiet as I've been working on some Sophie Steller mood boards for Lurex and for her AW15/16 books so I've been a bit slack on the sketching, but just picked up the pencil and a doodle of my gardening plumber Dad emerged! Say hi to Roger or as dad would say wotcha!


New books! Toucan Brothers and Claude!

The Toucan Brothers by Tor Freeman is absolutely hilarious!! I love her drawings, so much to see on each page, and Claude is wonderful, I adore Alex T.Smiths characters as you know!  

Garden Update!

All the sweet peas are out and smelling wonderful!

My lillies are just about to flower soon...

And the Strawberries are delicious, just in time for the end of Wimbledon! :)


W.I.P Another Cinderella page

This'll be a single page illo to go with the previous double page spread 

Greeting card competition

These are a couple of designs for the Tigerprint Gifted comp :)