My own topic on @Daily__Doodle! My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes!

We were asked on twitter to suggest themes for a daily doodle and one of the ones I suggested was picked! One of my absolute favourite books ever is My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes by Lynley Dodd and Eve Sutton. So I doodled the cat from Norway who got stuck in the doorway, and another for good measure, as it's Friday he's taking a more loungey approach than hiding in a box :)


Nosy Parker...

You can see more of him in the coming weeks up on www.drawingayarn.tumblr.com!

 Here's a sketch I didn't use!...

drawing a yarn!

I've been having some fun with my lovely friend and illustrator Amberin Huq on a collaborative project! We take it in turns to draw a picture to tell a story. You can see the first one here at www.drawingayarn.tumblr.com !!


On the allotment...

Harvested the majority of onions I put in over Autumn the most of them are huge!

First courgette! (would have had two more but the darn slugs got them!)

Baby squashes!

Leeks and carrots doing well. Need to start banking up the leeks to bleach the stems

Tomatoes starting to fruit!

And little cobs appearing on the corn!

Proper big haul of french beans! More for the freezer!
And the lillies from the garden smell heavenly! You'll have to take my word for it.


When not doodling!....

Here's a project I worked on quite a few months back now...when I'm not childrens illustrating I sometimes do a bit of work in fashion and trend forecasting. Here's some mood imagery and fabric photography I did for Lurex through Sophie Steller :) Summat a little bit different than scribblings of animals!


House of Illustration- House Party Quentin Blake Inside Stories exhibition!

Popped along to the launch party at House of Illustration on Saturday and met up with lotsa lovely illustrators! The Quentin Blake exhibition was so brilliant and quite moving!
Alice Potter and Amberin Huq!

Lots of colourful balloons to great you as you walked in! 

So magic to see all his originals. This from Matilda is probably one of my all time faves :)

Seeing the book thumbs and how rough they are was also really reassuring to see!!

As was seeing his rough working outs before the final image :)

The illustrations for Michael Rosen's Sad Book were incredibly moving.

You should definitely hoot foot it up to the exhibition!