Draw this in your own style

Had a go at @timbudgen's #pandarina #drawthisinyourstyle which you should check out! Made Princess Skye a bit older, but kinda like it! Point those toes!



 Here's a sketch for this week’s #DrawMoor prompt 'A grumpy mermaid at an underwater tea party.' Shame no one's turned up for this mermaids tea party!

Quite fancied not doing anything too finished for a change, was a fun thing to do to wind down my evening after ticking off my to do lists!


Finals finished!

I have finished all the drawing and colouring of a project six days early! It's an actual, organisational marvel! Now to go through and amend all the glaring errors and probable continuity things, but still! I'd be off to the pub to celebrate my hard work if I could!