Came across this sad worried feller on the streets of Clapham Friday! All ended well though, a lady that worked in an animal shelter came and helped scoop him up off the street and a chap walked past who'd just left his friends who keeps birds, so he called her and she came to meet them. Phew!


Alanna the Lioness!

Finally treated myself to a copy of Alanna the Lioness only to find it's a signed copy! Winner!

And she spells Douglass the right way with a double S! ;)

rough idea-ing...

Rough idea-ing. Must look like a right bunch of squiggles, but they're trees & bushes and such...really they are



Walters 1st Birthday Party!

I drank prosecco, ate wotsits, played with toys and had the best time.
(The toy egg carton was my fave)


Goblin Theatre!

I was commissioned to make a picture for Matt Borgatti, Goblin Theatre, of characters from all his plays for his birthday! He said he absolutely loves it :D


I am claiming smallest #showthestudio as I live in a tiny London flat. I'm also probably the only illustrator without a cintiq because I can't afford one as I'm poor because of the tiny London flat!
I sometimes have to share with Pedro.
I have on this wall some drawings by James Davies and Holly Surplice, and a screen print of a pony I once did. Pedro has a watercolour framed on this wall too.
The white frame has a lovely heart felt letter from a performer I did a piece of fan art of her character from Punchdrunks The Drowned Man. When I sometimes have a wobble and feel like theres no point carrying on with illustrating, it's good to have it near. It's the little things that keep you going.

This is Lucifer. Usually him or Samson will keep me company. I have art supplies in the box under my desk, and the ones I use more often inside it. The big frame behind kinda acts as a pin board. There's tickets for illustration talks, tick lists and inspirational postcards. I think currently it's Karl Newson and Tim Budgen on there! 
I also have a unicorn and catwoman balanced on top of my mac. They keep an eye over proceedings.
You can see how worn my little wacom bamboo tablet is, it's probably 8 years old I think! You can see my lightbox just behind Lucifer. Thats an old fashioned kind of cintiq.

Behind me on the shelves top left are my Batmans and then picture books, then young fictions and some Flying Bedrooms and two health books I illustrated. Pedro is the Biggles boy and then it heads down into Austens and Hardy and some other classics.

Here's Pedro! He usually uses the tv as a second screen. Behind that is the bottom half of the shelf where you can see some hand sewn stuffed animals I make sometimes. 



Colour Collective Deep Lilac

A dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep! For my little fairy godchild Evie! :D