Folktale week

Have been tweaking this for a while so throwing it up and walking away!
#folktaleweek day 2! There's a few versions of this folktale, so look it up but in a nutshell in the Brecon Beacons there's a lake called Llyn y Fan Fach. (It's very beautiful up in the Black Mountains, you should go if you've not before)
 Legend has it a young farmer who tended sheep and cattle in the mountains there was daydreaming gazing into the lake and out walks the most beautiful woman ever. Obviously he instantly fell in love and wanted to marry her. (Even though you'd be a bit like, she's clearly supernatural/fairy/elf/goddess etc, bound to be trouble) anyways, they get married under the condition he must never hit her and she would bring him wealth and wisdom. Eventually the story goes on that they have three sons, the farmer becomes ace at haggling at market, his flock and cattle are super healthy etc. He gets complacent with a his good fortune and loses touch with everyone and he gets angry at life. Cue three accidental times he taps his wife and she immediately ups and leaves and heads back to the lake leaving him with the kids. The kids go on to be great physicians and herbalists known as the Physicians of Myddfai.

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