Back in Hereford for Hay Festival!

(Anyone recognise this as the inspiration for the third page from The One and Only Pablo?)

I'm back in Hereford at my folks house as it's Hay Festival all this week! I'm going armed with my iPad portfolio just incase, and hoping to get lots of events in. First up tomorrow is Ali Sparkes, hopefully the Linda Parry from the V&A about William Morris Textiles (He had a mill round the corner from where we live in South Wimbledon!) And the most exciting of all is a talk by Bobette Buster a Pixar story consultant and filmmaker about how to shape your story and how an emotional connection is key. Soooooo looking to that, think it'll really help the story ideas I have for Henny Bear and Duck. 
Do give me a message if you are at Hay this week, I'm there everyday pretty much would be nice to see some faces I know through the internet! :D 

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