Hay Festival part2!

I headed back to Hay Festival for the last weekend to catch the letters event (happy coincidence Benedict Cumberbatch was reading some out *ahem*) Bill Bailey and Firefly Press's event too!
The Letters event was brilliant, all the readers bringing to life the letters compiled in the two books they were taken from "A celebration of the enduring power of literary correspondence, inspired by To The Letter by Simon Garfield and Letters of Note by Shaun Usher" Benedict Cumberbatch, Louise Brearly, Ian McEwen and Rob Brydon were among some of the readers. Rob Brydon received a huge cheer, and read out a letter by Richard Burton in the impression he does as seen on The Trip!
 Bill Bailey was fantastic as always Sunday evening, but the day before was Firefly Press's event for The Flying Bedroom and Shoo Rayners Dragon Gold. I took my nephews along who loved it! It was lovely to see how pleased Heather was with the illustrations and show my sketchbook images to the audience!

(awful pics! But trust me thats Heather!) 
Shoo explaining how to draw a Welsh dragon

And as always, time for some drawing and sunshine!

And of course, larking about with Uncle Pedro!

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