Summer Exhibition 2015

Went to the glorious colourful Summer Exhibition with my lovely friend Clara yesterday!

Here's some pics of the ones I liked that I remembered to take pics of!

Ermioni Avramidou- Rainfall, made me feel like I was in a rain forest

Carey Clarke- Snowfields,Wicklow. This painting made me feel instantly chilly like when you step out on a fresh morning. :) Breath of fresh air in the room

Kim Rugg-The London Streets. So clever! All the London streets but without all the lines, and you're instantly lost and takes you a while to work out where everything you know is!

With some of the rooms painted in gorgeous bold colours it made for really lovely clashes and blending in!

The stairs leading up were incredible! Jim Lambie

Robert Howard- Brighton Bank Holiday, which when you looked closer there were famous people to pick out like The Beatles, Hitchcock etc and Wheres Wally as well!

Adam Dant-Inside Llyods of London. This had us chuckling away with lots of funny things happening inside the picture, like Spiderman appearing and and man with is head inside a beehive!

I think this was my favourite piece by Jock McFadyen- Uist. Loved the subtle pink in it.
You can see all the works on the RA website, so here are a few of my other faves!
Ann Johnson-Corella

Kate Barlow-Smuggler (This was all embroidered!Amazing!)

Red Saunders- Thomas Paine excise officer revolutionary pamphleteer 1772 
Michael de Bono-Sanctum made me think of Vermeer.

And another Jock McFadyen Calton Hill. Whats not to like!

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