Titus Andronicus (Peckhamus) on top of a car park!

Saw Shakespeares Titus set on the top two floors of a car park in Peckham last night! http://www.thetheoryofeverything.co.uk/ Titus isn't one of my fave Shakey's, really would love to know what was going on with him when he wrote it! But the performers were amazing, there were a handful from The Drowned Man, and having seen them at that a number of times you know you're in for a treat, especially Sonya Cullingford. Ed Warner and Rob McNeil. I think I'dve liked more of the beatboxing/parkour element that it bills is happening, and immersive it isn't, it's becoming a bit of a buzz word I think, but I'd definitely recommend it. The view across the London skyline is spectacular, and you can have a nibble and some meantime brew up at Franks Cafe on the very top! :)

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