I've just had a little holiday in Amsterdam where we stayed with our lovely friends Julian and Anna who live there :) We were so lucky with the weather, it was glorious all the time!
It's so beautiful, and I love how wonky all the buildings are and people are really kind. My fave bits were the canal boat ride, the Rijksmuseum seeing the Vermeer's, cycling the markets and eating waffles.


This is a King Louie (google it GORGEOUS dresses) market stall where they sell last seasons stuff. I got two wooly hats and and dress for 30euro. The dress alone was worth 89euro in season!! :D
I also found a childrens' book shop and picked these two beautiful books up. Valentijn en zyn viool by Philip Hopman is possibly the funniest I've read in a long time. Valentines playing is so bad he makes people jump with it as he wanders along after being banished from his town. One spread he scares a constipated wolf!! Ha! :D All the spreads are double which I found really interesting and they're all so lovely.
The second book is De Gale Ballon by Charlotte Dematons who is a war photographer, and this book is brilliantly drawn and the perspective seeing it from above is wonderful. You have to find the man on the flying carpet, the robber, the blue car and the yellow balloon on each page.

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