Back to London and my garden!

 A week away and the garden has gone crazy! My rose has finally blossomed and here's the first rose of summer (sung in the tune of the Irish last rose of summer!) It's HUGE and smells divine.
My Rhododendron looks like it's had it though, but the Lupin that was on it's death bed has battled through the plague of aphids my gardens under and has buds. My Fuschia's budding up and the Geraniums out the front are in flower.

Ranunculus from the other week forgot to post it! 

Even my xmas tree is getting in on the flowering front.

I've had these come up which I've completely forgotten the name of! I think they might be a type of Allium perhaps?

And my two types of Wild Sorrel in bloom, so cheery!

And lo and behold! Strawberries! Won't be ready in time for Wimbledon, but looks like I'm going to have a bumper crop from my pot this year!

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