pattern making!

One more pattern experiment made up from some bits in my sketchbook!

pattern making!

I'm going to experiment with patterns today! I finally found a tutorial that makes sense to me as the images are really helpful so you don't have to do much reading, which is where I was getting lost with other tutorials :)  Hope this is the first of many, it's quite satisfying!


Artist block!

My head has been taken over by the cotton headed fluffy mind blank. It's vacant expression has been piercing my mind all day, causing me to stare into space and making me unable to do what I wanted too today! *huffs*


Book series obsession!

So in 2017 I came late to the #harrypotter party and then got through all of the #throneofglass series! I've started on the #redqueen books for the beginning of 2018, but would love some other book recommendations to get stuck into/obsess about if you have any :)