Minstrel and Mermaid

Minstrel and Mermaid Venetian pair popped up again as a warm down illustration this evening!
(See my previous posts to see who they are!)


Zero to 60 advance copies!

Advanced copies of Zero to 60 by @drmatompkins arrived!

Such a brilliant helpful book. Wish I'd read this when I was younger! This was a wonderful project to work on with @MaginationPress so fond of the different characters throughout! 



Back to #junicorn with a Kelpie. If you pass a deep, dark looking body of water like a pond, river or stream don't stay to close, there could be a Kelpie dwelling there. They tempt you over to stroke them or even to climb on, and before you know it you will become stuck to them and dragged down in to the watery depths and eaten up!




Haven't quite let go of #mermay it turns out. Working something else up!



How is it June already?!!
Here's a warm down illo to mark the beginning of #junicorn!



I think I drew this for #mermay because I'm missing going on Italian holidays *sigh* Also, imagine all the beautiful glass you'd find as a canal mermaid living in Venice/Murano!


work in progress

Slowly working up an illo, thwarted by what colour to do the background. Will get there eventually. I'm in love with this little romantic minstrel though



Life as a river mermaid is a bit more murky than those sea faring ones



Moody teenage merboy warmup appeared in my sketchbook for #mermay
He's channelling my thoughts about having to go battle in the supermarket later today I think!



Quite liked a little sketch I'd done of a mermaid who looked like she'd been spotted from the shore (it's a risky business lounging on a rock, you're bound to be seen!) so thought I'd colour her up for #mermay



Ten days in to #mermay and I've not really posted anything! Here's some wind down sketching for now


Procreate care pack day 9

Picked day 9 of #procreatecarepack : Favourite childhood possession! For me it was my menagerie of soft toys! In particular Sooty my koala bear hand puppet. I would make him costumes for different eventualities! My other fave toys were Rachel the rabbit, Leme the lemur and Snagglepuss the cat (both hand puppets too!) Not forgetting my little ponies and my Belle Barbie doll I remember fondly 2 name a few! I was a proper Andy from Toy Story. (although I've not been able to give them away
 it'd break my heart! Ha!)


Procreate Care Pack day 4

#procreatecarepack Day 4:Your favourite subject matter I love myths, fairytales, legends, folktales mythical creatures etc! I'd love to illustrate a book full of them! This was a bit of an experiment to keep it looser as I'm terrible for overthinking an image and tightening up



You catch Dragon here just having had this thought. 'Yay! It's nearly the weekend!...oh...but does that make any difference anymore?'


Procreate day 5

Skipped a day on the #procreatecarepack to day 5: You as a kid. I drew and painted a lot! My uncle worked in the printing department at the evening standard so we had endless rolls of plain newspaper to draw on! Thought this would be apt to post today as it's #StGeorgesDay



Trying to get back to jotting ideas down quickly in the old sketchbook to think about working up later!


Lockdown Exercise Bingo

Here's a companion to #lockdownshoppingbingo! I crossed off 11 of these today! Feel free to print out colour in and share


lockdown shopping bingo

I managed 7 of these this morning doing the weekly food shop feel free to print out colour in and share!


Procreate care pack

Day 4 of #procreatecarepack is 'you hate...' quite honestly right now it's the lack of motivation to be creative and crack on with strengthening my portfolio whilst I've no work on during the pandemic
anyone else struggling with a bit of get up and go?!



Quite liked this little doodle I did for @ped4416's PhD showing good and bad quality movement for stroke rehab


WFH Snapshot

Here's my snapshot of my #wfhsetup @r1k1n it's surprisingly fairly tidy as I've been doing more writing than drawing recently!


Kylo Ren

Day 3 of the @Procreate #procreatecarepack is 'You love'... Instantly thought of my Disney emo space prince Kylo Ren 


procreate care pack

Have lost my drawing get up and go since I last posted, so here's a quick sketch for Day 2 of #procreatecarepack 'show us where you live'. I love our tiny little Edwardian Tooting terrace and my arum lilies have flowered in the front garden today! Tooting has to be the best place I've lived in my little corner of South London. There's a real sense of community here, and working part time in Tooting market (until the last few weeks!) has only added to that There's a beautiful common nearby and lots of friends have started to move into the area, or nearby too which makes me super happy


Unboxing video! of my debut author illustrated book with Magination Press coming out early September 2020
... I had the best fun with the animal band puns for the end papers, would massively enjoy hearing yours


Virtual Book Fair

Happy Virtual Bologna Book Fair Week! Ive just posted on http://instagram.com/chloeillustrates… with a little peek at my first young fiction pitches that would have been in #bcbf20 inspired by
@Paula_Bowles call to see virtually what we would have on the stands