Happy Friday 13th!

Happy Friday 13th! Make sure you service your brooms ready for flying later tonight ☺️


Warm up sketches

Morning sketches... Still not connected to the internet hence her face! (Was meant to be the 27th Sep!)
How hard is it to get a service up and running!? Bah grumble grumble

Autumn doodle

Perfect Autumn day outside, bit of sunshine, showers and windy!


Work in Progress

Work in progress! Roughing a sample out which has all the perspectives and detailed objects


Fox doodle

Seasonal cold has already set in 😷  feeling proper sorry for myself waaaaaah :(


Admin kinda day

It's an admin kinda day. They're as enjoyable as maths homework sometimes.
Which if you like maths is maybe a good thing!


Night night

Night gang! (Have been watching a lot of space programmes this evening, shame it's too cloudy for stargazing before bed) 


Busy Summer!

So I've been a bit quiet over the summer! Finished a picture book, got married, moved out of our flat in South Wimbledon, went on a six week honeymoon taking in America, Mexico City and British Columbia, came back to my husbands brothers wedding, then temporarily at a friends in Isleworth, just had an offer accepted by a new landlord and so will be moving to Tooting in a couple of weeks!

In the meantime, here's some pictures from three comprehension books published by Oxford University Press this week, it was my first project under Plum Pudding :) They're under the Project X Comprehension Express: Stage 1: Earth and Sky, 'Frankie's Unusual Family, Secret Sister and Dino Dad'



Warm Up Doodle

Morning warm up of Tess D'Urberville in the garden, for my fave author Thomas Hardy's Birthday. I love this scene where she hears Angel playing the harp and walks through the overgrown meadow towards him.


Warm Up Doodle...

Warm up doodle of Wonder Woman. She totally reads comics like the rest of us when she's not acting in her new film and saving the world...


Nosy Crow Salon! Jamie Littler!

What a superb evening at  Jamie Littler's Nosy Crows salon! I think all talks should have an artist's representation of themselves as kids!


Nearly there!

One project ticked off this weekend so I can begin to stop looking like this guy! Only one more deadline to go!





If my sketches could think...

I sometimes wonder if my drawings are thinking something other than they're meant too. She looks like 'just count to 10 Everything will be FINE...'