Snow White

Re-working and roughing up an old image for a favourite client ☺️ first ideas until they tell me otherwise what Snow White looks like 😆




Heading towards a roughs deadline, although these two seem quite happy about it ☺️


Snapped at the Peoples Concert!

Me and the husband celebrated his birthday by a trip up North to Leeds and Manchester to see our beloved British Sea Power play both nights doing very different gigs! On the Saturday in Manchester here we are at that point in Great Skua where the singing comes in and a confetti cannon exploded! It was euphoric to say the least :D (photos by Jack Kirwin)


Harry Potter Quiz doodles

Some doodles from this evenings Harry Potters Quiz @thetrafalgararms (where there were no spell questions and a lack of quiz teams on phones discipline were to be had) *tuts* (doodles requested from team were Voldemort reborn, a hippogriff, a death eater and Severus (I have strong feelings about Snape)



Here's a warm up sketch I did earlier of Thingamaboy from Les Enfants Terribles,  The Terrible Infants, on at Wiltons Music Hall, which I saw last night! So pleased @pinkmagpie introduced them to me! Bloody fantastic. Go see it if you can, storytelling at its best!


Amelia Fang!

Went to a fangtastic book launch of Amelia Fang in a creepy crypt! Utterly wonderful and everyone dressed up too :D The book is BRILLIANT. Do go buy it and read it! 



Just can't get my roughs to do what I want them to today, and have to go to work this afternoon so can't power through it! One of them frustrating days!


Happy Friday 13th!

Happy Friday 13th! Make sure you service your brooms ready for flying later tonight ☺️


Warm up sketches

Morning sketches... Still not connected to the internet hence her face! (Was meant to be the 27th Sep!)
How hard is it to get a service up and running!? Bah grumble grumble

Autumn doodle

Perfect Autumn day outside, bit of sunshine, showers and windy!


Work in Progress

Work in progress! Roughing a sample out which has all the perspectives and detailed objects


Fox doodle

Seasonal cold has already set in 😷  feeling proper sorry for myself waaaaaah :(


Admin kinda day

It's an admin kinda day. They're as enjoyable as maths homework sometimes.
Which if you like maths is maybe a good thing!


Night night

Night gang! (Have been watching a lot of space programmes this evening, shame it's too cloudy for stargazing before bed)