I bet Gareth Southgate is quietly confident about this evening. (I'll continue to be a bag of anxiety about it though!) Come on England!



Thought I'd have a go at @monolimeart's #drawthisinyourstyle over on Instagram, so here's a warm up sketch I've shaded of Fyrelle! 


A quick little doodle from my sketchbook this morning, coloured in for #julion



What a splendid couple of days away from the desk in Cambridge! It helped with a couple of story ideas and a wee spot of doodling! Spent a lovely afternoon at Grantchester Orchard.


#junicorn 6 #colour_collective Sepia mash up!

Struggled a bit with #sepia for @Clr_Collective!
It's a bit murky feeling, I should have done her in another colour perhaps...but thought I'd post it anyways, it'll double up for my #junicorn today too! #colour_collective


#junicorn 3

Getting behind with #junicorn already! Here's a sketchy one out of my sketchbook today.  It's been a busy time with getting roughs ready and covering shifts at the market! Hopefully get back on track towards the end of the week!




Mermay 18

Shaded in warm up sketch for my last #mermay! Thanks SO much everyone who has liked my mermay sketches and said such lovely things! 


Mermay 16

Hope it's been nicer where you are, however here's a suitably wet and miserable #mermay to reflect today's weather!


Mermay 15

A well overdue #mermay! It's been an eventful bank holiday what with fracturing my big toe!!


Mermay 14

It's a bit of a rushed, gave up half way through #mermay this evening! I might revisit and sort out her shading and her longer arm another time


Thanks to a shout out from Liontree publishing asking for Sloths it turns out they are are quite fun to draw!


Mermay 13

Another quick bedtime sketch for #mermay. This doodle reflects feeling elated I survived two days of parents visiting without one argument!


Mermay 12

Quick sketch for #mermay which represents current situation after a day of parents visiting!


Mermay 10

Another quick doodle but with a blunt 6b this time! Thought I'd show the original sketch and it cleaned up and shaded digitally afterwards for a change!