Old picture books found at my folks! Paddington Bear

So whilst at my parents house in Hereford last week, I had a rummage in the loft and found a few of mine and my brothers picture books. His favourite was Paddington Bear, and I found three different illustrated types!

I particularly love the end papers in this one, illustrated by Barry Wilkinson. 

I found this one and another titled Paddington Goes to the Seaside and these have lovely illustrations inside, by Fred Banbery. We're all so familiar with Paddington wearing a duffel coat, it's quite sweet seeing him as more of a bear (Just like the statue in Paddington Station) Same story as above, but completely different feel!

And lastly this ex-library book (we had a lot of ex-library books!) illustrated by David McKee. The overriding thought I've had since I was a child about this particular book is that his hat is all wrong! I grew up on the tv stop frame animation series, and to me Paddington has a black hat and no wellies! :)

I've taken a couple of my old picture books back, and I'm planning over the next few weeks to get some pictures up! :) It's been wonderful reminiscing. 

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