Hay Festival, Day two...

Today we (including first and second nephews) went to listen to Jez Alborough read Six Little Chicks and Nat the Cat as well as the brilliant Emma Dodd's Cinderelephant!
 I spoke to Emma briefly afterwards about how she became a successful illustrator, and she was so lovely and kind and her husband chatted to Pedro for a while as they have similar jobs! :D 
The nephews laughed heartily at Cinderelephant getting stuck in her limo *as did I, not sure who enjoyed it more actually!*
Jez Alborough

Emma Dodd (And Cinderelephant's HUGE slipper)

You could make crowns at the end, which second nephew took advantage of...

...whilst first nephew was more interested in drawing knights and me *on the right here* with a crown and buttons. :)
Old man and dog Tilly during lunch at the Swan in Hay.

Nephew #1's knight on a horse and me with buttons and a crown. (looking slightly porky if you ask me :/ ! )

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