Hourly Comic Day

I'm in feedback limbo so had a massive lie in (and it was my birthday yesterday so think it's still allowed!) Spent this morning chatting raid bosses on my Pokémon Go WhatsApp group and pottered down for breakfast (nutty granola and alpro yoghurt fyi) :)

11am-12pm I try and set up my Switch Pedro naughtily bought me for my birthday!

12m-1pm whilst the switch charges up I thought I'd alter some Harry potter t-shirts nighties I've not worn into t-shirts!

1pm-2pm. Finally had a wash, and birthday cake and a cuppa for lunch #hourlycomicday (got the t.shirts done! I've a dress to hem for karaoke this eve, buy might leave it for now!)

2-3pm Peds had some lunch whilst watching a video about machine learning. It was lost on me

3pm-4pm I wish I found putting on makeup a joy. So much pressure to get it even on both eyes

4pm-5pm just getting ready/bit of Zelda earlier to meet @CatHartland and @BermoSocialClub for some grub and then karaoke! Will have to pick #hourlycomicday up tomo to fill in the rest!

6pm-7pm had a smashing meal at @DaddyBaoUK with my bestest pals #hourlycomicday used my new Instax camera for the first time!

And then to round the day off from 8pm to the early hours sang karaoke with my favourite chums  (Thanks for making it mega fun!)

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