World Book Day!

I thought I'd share some books and authors I adore that aren't necessarily picture book ones! I love historical novels, and the majority of my fave ones are!
Just a few from my book shelves!
I feel I need to list. So here goes!
  • Philippa Gregory. (Nearly all of them!) My fave is the Queens Fool and Earthly Joys.
  • C.J.Sansom- Shardlake series. Shardlake is the most integral, honest, loveable, handsome, intelligent characters ever.
  • Thomas Hardy. Just genius. Take a week of after to mourn reading any of his books.
  • Jane Austen. In particular Persuasion. Forget Mr. Darcy, its all about Captain Wentworth.
  • Margaret Mitchell. Gone With the Wind. Take a couple of days off, you'll not put it down. EPIC.
  • Tolkien-The Hobbit, in my opinion trumps all. I read this as a 10 year old as my first big book, and was transported.
  • Suzannah Dunn. In particular The Queens Sorrow. Raphael is to die for.
  • Tracey Chevalier- The Last Runaway, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Burning Bright, The Lady and the Unicorn, all gorgeous escapism.
  • Sarah Dunant- In the Company of the Courtesan, Sacred Hearts. Italian historicals, divine!
  • Rose Tremain-Merivel books. He's so unlikable you love him. The Colour also is fab.
  • Louisa Young- My Dear I Wanted to Tell You. The characters never leave you. SO pleased to see theres a sequel!
  • Alexander McCall Smith- No1 Ladies and the Scotland Yard and Sunday P.Clubs
  • Tamora Pierce- All the Alannas Circle of Magics etc!
  • Suzanne Collins- Hunger Games. Shame about the last book, but it's flipping brilliant the trilogy

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