Illustrators Fair at House of Illustration!

Popped to the House of Illustration Illustrators fair this Sunday! Bumped into the lovely Rob Barret of Yoillo whilst we were there too :) Caught the end of some CSM graduates animations and I nearly put a bid down in the silent auction there at Illustration House HQ, but I wouldn't have been able to pick it up at half five and I'll never know whose artwork it was as I couldn't read the signature on the print! Wah! Anyway it was
lovely to chat and see a few twitter friends! Here's Hannah Wheeler...

...and Sarah Horne :)

Bagged a bargain priced print too! I've been after this fruity number since my birthday! It always makes me chuckle! :)

And lastly Chris Haughton too! The toy Georges were amazing! Didn't have enough money to buy one!

And as it was a gorgeous Sunday me and Amberin took ourselves off to Southbank BFI bar and then onto the George Inn for the rest of the afternoon!

Hope the fairs a yearly thing, it was really fab. Made me wish I had actually applied for a stand now! Superb to see a mix of established illustrators and upcoming ones too. Well done House of Illustration!

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