What Makes a Children’s Classic?-Childrens Book Circle Event

I've just got home from an interesting talk held by the Children's Book Circle  where Lucy Mangan, Melissa Cox and Kate Saunders talked about what makes a childrens classic, essentially classic!

Bear with me, I'm not a great writer, so I hope I can put my point across ok!

 Someone posed a question that really resonated with me which is, how much does a medium such as tv help as a way into classic kids books.
 I grew up in the 90's where Sunday tea time was Five Children and It, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Borrowers and so on, so you were introduced to classic books that way and even Jackanory.
 I do feel sad that kids tv in a way hasn't got a part in mainstream tv anymore, like above on sunday evenings or saturday mornings, it's just been sort of brushed aside and not deemed essential enough for what's classed as mainstream? Yes they read books on Cbeebies, but wouldn't that be much nicer on mainstream than Loose Women or Jeremy Kyle!? :)

 You all must remember how great Worst Witch was, and when they finally animated Beatrix Potter and the creepy stop framed Alice in Wonderland!?

There is a huge sense of nostalgia with what makes a classic, parents handing down what they read as children, but the tv shows were another way of accessing them. My parents didn't read C.S.Lewis's, but after the tv programme I went and sought them out at the library and later on you only start to realise how they are actually classics, as children you probably couldn't care less I suppose!
 So households where reading doesn't come so naturally, films and tv are surely a great help in accessing potential reluctant readers? Hunger Games, How to Train Your Dragon spring to mind...

I guess what I'm trying to say is, wouldn't it be brilliant if the tv powers that be brought back children's classics adapted for tv to have on a Sunday afternoon again!

Remember how terrifying the Snow Queen was and LIFE like Aslan was!?

Five Children and It

The Borrowers

Rik Mayall on Jackanory! 

The Worst Witch

(Although this Alice in Wonderland might not have been a Sunday tea thing! This is Ĺ vankmajer's Alice, I always remembered it as it scared the beejeezers out of me, much like The Return to Oz and Hedgehog in the Fog-Yuri Norstein....but then that's a whole other topic!)

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