The Booksniffer Christmoose Party!!

I had an absolutely magic time Saturday evening! I was overjoyed to have been invited to join many wonderful successful writers and illustrators for a bit of xmas festivities!
 I met my twitter faves, Alex T Smith, Steven Lenton, lovely to see Colin West in a splendid jumper and Benji Davies again and I scooped The Storm Whale in the secret santa! Sarah McIntyre (who was dressed immaculately! And she mentions me and my faves Amberin, Grace and James on her blog here!) and imparted some brilliant advice, as did Chris Mould. Emma Chichester-Clark and Plum Dog, (amazing to meet Plum Dog!!) Sarah Horne, Holly Surplice as she left, Kirsten Hall from Bright, Book Sniffers pup appy Amy, Sarah Yewman, Mike Byrne, Charlie Adler, and Emma Dodd which was great as I met her at Hay Festival earlier this year and anyone else I've forgotten!
 Just so wonderful to put faces to twitter avatars and have a good old giggle! :D

Pinched from Kirsten Hall! Here I am with James Davies, Grace Sandford and Amberin Huq

There are lots of jolly pics from Emma O'Donovan here! :) 
And here's part of my secret santa I put together, didn't catch the lovely lady who got it, but hope she likes him!


  1. Chloe! I was the lucky lady who received your Secret Santa. Thank you so much, I absolutely love it and I do love to sew! Sorry I didn't get a chance to say hello in person. I had to go to three Christmas parties that evening!xx

    1. Helen!! Hi!! Thank you for your twitter comments too!! I'm full to bursting with chuffedness! Super impressed with 3 xmas parties!! How did you manage!? :D xx