The most talented James Davies :) and a MOST EXCELLENT day trip to Colin West's house!

James Davies is quite ludicrously talented. No sketching out shapes and drawing over it, he just draws it as is, no mistakes. Sickening really! Anyways you can see his request drawings here and he's kindly done one for me and one of me and my lovliest chum Amberin Huq too!

*this is an actual representation of how excited I get by car journeys

So on Saturday myself, James and Amberin drove us down to Colin West's soirĂ©e in Battle Sussex, as he'd invited us and a number of incredibly successful illustrators too, so I felt very much in awe of the talent around me! 
Here we are in Colin's library which was very impressive.

I was lucky enough to see roughs of new books and get my copy of Storm Whale by Benji Davies signed too as well as Mouse and Mouse by Colin also :) 
Just so wonderful meeting the people behind twitter pictures!
Thanks Colin :)

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  1. you're welcome, Chloe! I had a great time meeting everyone too, I think Jane Hissey was the only oerson I'd previously met. Here's to next year! From Colin