AOI Licensing Event at Somerset House

I went to a talk ran by the AOI about Licensing. I am a little rubbish at all the legal stuff and maths and that (hence why I have an accountant to do my tax *lowest set in maths at school*!) so thought a talk would be brilliant to learn some things!
First up was Vicki Willden-Lebrecht MD of Bright Agency, and her talk was BRILLIANT. I could have listened all day. It was good to hear about what sells best within licensing (like cards, melamine, stationary etc) so has really helped me focus my designs more.  She talked about what's best from a contract and what to expect from an Agent.
Vicki Willden-Lebrecht

One of the samples of their amazing illustrators Yasmeen Ismail

Next up was Robert Lands head of intellectual propery from HowardKennedyFsi LLP, 

He was really engaging especially for quite a heavy subject, made me realise I should really put some terms of use on my website! :/

 Then it was time for lunch! This statue was in the ladies toilets! Brilliant huh?

After an alfresco lunch in the square within Somerset House we returned to listen to the lovely Rachael Taylor. I've thought about surface pattern and always left it as I'm not to sure how to make it repeat properly but she was very inspiring to listen too, and shall give it a go as she said it's not always necessary to have prints repeating.

Then we heard form Helz Cuppleditch and more about trade shows and what to ask about during the licensing process and then the day ended with Rob Ryan. What a HOOT! He chatted about how his career came about. He was so funny and incredibly down to earth. A real lesson in if you ever become successful how to remain. 

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