Day two and three at London Book Fair!

Well, again, didn't get many photographs! But I did have an amazing time there. I have had the best amazing useful feedback in which to carry on with in a clearer direction.
Here is my trusty partner in illustration crime Amberin!

(helpfully pointing towards her name!)

A well earned whisky and coke and gin and lemonade. *It's exhausting stuff book fairs!*

Day 3 was all about the Illustrators afternoon. We arrived at midday to get a good spot at the front and in with a definite chance of meeting the speakers that afternoon, Nick May Orion, Mike Phipps Igloo Books and Strawberrie Donnelly Little Tiger Press.
 I first spoke to Nick May, but I very luckily managed to sneak in at the end and see Strawberrie who I was desperate to talk too, but I have to say London Book Fair, the afternoon was poorly organised. A lot of disappointed illustrators were not able to talk to the editor who was right for them. Some sort of ticketing online and for which editor beforehand would have been a better way of doing it perhaps, as the majority of the illustrators in my queue knew they weren't right for Orion and wanted to see Igloo or Tiger.
I also bumped into a few twitter and yoillo folk which was brilliant! David Stevenson, Sarah Underwood and Emily Rose Lambert, Jane Heinrichs and I spied Grace Sandford too :)
I also met Amberin's chum from uni Cathy Hookey. Good times all round, especially the quick gin at the pub after the fair!  
Anyways, that aside it's been a wonderful time. I can not recommend enough that you go. It is so good to talk to people in person about your work and where you should be heading. 

L-R Nick May, Strawberrie Donnelly and Mike Phipps.

Amberin and David :)

So then after a quick drink I hotfooted it across to Shepards Bush Empire to watch British Sea Power!! My faves! They did a mellow set first in which they played my fave fave fave song Blackout and then the support band Toy were up who were very good, (although maybe a bit indulgent towards the end!) but they looked so very cool, how you'd want to be if you were a band. And then BSP did their main set. Opened up with Remember me! The Great Skua was probably the best bit, absolute magic.
Here are some crummy mobile phone photos! 


Go listen to The Great Skua here :) 

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