Pages from my final project

Here's some pages from my book I wrote and illustrated for my final project 'The One and Only Pablo'. Obviously, they still need developing as I did a whole book in 3 months (!!!) I'll try and sum up the tale briefly...
 Pablo has a love of hats, he's just bought a new one and when he gets home sees a flyer for the circus that evening, so he decides to go so he can show off his new hat.
 He gets mistaken for one of the clowns and gets marched off to go on in the show! He tries to explain the mistake to Chico the dog but ends up performing so badly it makes everyone laugh.
 The Trapeze family begin their act but Baby Trapeze's act goes wrong, and so Pablo rushes forward to save him from falling. Chico tries to hold Pablo back but his hat pops off to reveal Pablo is really a unicorn!! Pablo shoots a magic force field from his horn and catches Baby. Chico finds out why Pablo has been hiding his identity and makes Pablo see that it's nothing to hide being different and he ends up joining the circus and lives happily hat free ever after.

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