Folktale week

I've a deadline this week so I might do some of
@folktaleweek next week! Here's a #warmdownsketch for the first prompt #Birth.
 A changeling is a human like creature that is believed to be a fairy child left in place whilst they make off with a human one. A baby that was healthy and happy previously might suddenly become horrible or sickly, was thought to have been swapped, a changeling. There's also tales of the changelings being grotesque and troll like but the mother refuses to see it and cares for the changeling as if it's her own. A bit like a cuckoo chick! If you suspect a changeling and you want the baby back, you need to brew beer in an eggshell. Pop some water and malted barley over a fire and then sprinkle in some dried hops. The changeling should cry out in disbelief "I am old, old very old, but I never saw beer brewed in an eggshell before!" Then your original child should reappear. Handy eh?

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