Still working on trend projects!

So I'm still away from Illustrating for a wee  longer as I'm finishing off moods for Lurex. Feeling awfully guilty not illustrating. But in the meantime, this has happened.
My rose has re-flowered and my sweet peas are still going...

Dragonfly loves my french beans...

Popped back to Hereford and bumped into Jessica Johnson who I know from a decade ago whose work is aces! 

Big Face Mustachio Cat has made an appearance after a two week absence! Samson did a half arsed effort of shooing him away.

I made this fella from a free pattern off the internet for my best chum Caths b.day!

And at Hotham where she lives I helped the sister in law Hatty make her train b.day cake! :D Chocolate sponge train, meringue steam and courgette with lemon icing trucks and banoffe with peanut butter icing bigger trucks filled with sweeties! 

Meanwhile my garden is still blooming!

Had to tie the voodoo lilly to the side as it was shadowing everything it's got so big!

Very pleased with my Larkspur I grew from seed

I've had terrible trouble with tiny snails eating my bean leaves and my hollyhocks! 

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